Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The June 2012 Wish List for Those Supporting Dick B.'s Work

June 2012 Project Wish List of Dick B. for Christian Recovery Progress

Those Who Have Participated in, Helped with, and Supported Our Work
May Want to See What Can Now and Will Be Done

• To begin and complete video reviews—in brief spurts—of each of Dick’s 30 reference books. We want to take each book, briefly discuss it, and include a picture of the cover. Then Ken and I will summarize the subject, review the book contents, and present an updated, documented video statement of what we have since found and established. The first example will be “Bill W.” We will
build on www.dickb.com/conversion.shtml. Many of the download items will be free.

• To begin presenting all our books, videos, audios, and historical articles for downloading by our followers and those who want accurate, inexpensive, articulation of the entire A.A. History and Christian Recovery Movement as we have seen and reported them. We will expand what has already begun on www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com. We plan a new series of videos on books and downloading the books as mentioned above.

• To raise the funds from one or more benefactors to place before the suffering folks and the recovery community much more of the large body of historical materials like the Printer’s Manuscript of DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, as well as the great body of St. Johnsbury Dr. Bob history now located in part at the Dr. Bob Core Library in North Congregational Church of St. Johnsbury.

• To make all of our books, videos, and classes very affordable and, in some cases, free by several major changes: (1) Putting my entire 30 volume Reference Set in ebook, Kindle, Nook, I-Pod, print-on-demand, and download form. (2) Doing the same with three groups of videos, (a) the 27 Video film class already completed, (b) the free 15 A.A. history and roots videos already complete but yet to be placed on our web. (c) the new series of video teachings that will accompany each of my 30 or so books.

• To continue to produce and present dozens and dozens of our A.A. history and Christian recovery materials on: (a) ChristianRecoveryRadio.com www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com, (b) Our many blogs such as http://MauiHistorian.Blogspot.com, (c) Our several websites such as www.dickb.com, http://drbob.info, www.dickb-blog.com, http://FreedomRanchMaui.org. and www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com. (d) Our articles on Word Press, Digg, forums, In The Rooms, Go Articles, Hub, Stumble, recovery social posts, Facebook, Twitter, and other media that are rapidly becoming more available.

• To attend several regional workshop-meetings like those held this last year. But only when and if the trip costs are funded as to travel, meals, and lodging; and the facilities themselves are free. These visits, meetings, and workshops have proved invaluable in expanding the number of Christian recovery resource centers; participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition; interviews, radio programs, videos, audios, study groups, fellowships, outreach, and treatment work, plus similar presentations and programs of  Christian Recovery leaders, programs, counselors, chaplains, churches, and fellowships.

• Possible regional conference-workshops could be planned, funded, and held in Miami, East Dorset-St. Johnsbury Vermont, Tennessee, Chicago, Toronto, Texas, Washington DC, and Arizona.

Please contact Dick B. and/or Ken B. at 808 874 4876, dickb@dickb.com, or by mail if you believe you can help and support these wish list objectives.

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