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The Agape Circle - Here's Where You Can Help

The Agape Circle

By Dick B.

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An event of great significance occurred recently with regard to our work of unearthing, collating, reporting, and disseminating the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement.

We devoted 20-plus years to travel, interviews, examination of books and records, visits to archives, acquisition of massive historical documents and books, and then analyzing them and reporting them—one by one—as the truth appeared.

The cost was quite large. It would have been far beyond my reach, resources, and retirement income financially. It involved the cost of printing, shipping, and storing more than 40 titles, a number of which have gone through several editions and/or reprintings. It involved the large cost of traveling with attendant air fare, transportation, meals, lodging, and incidentals. It involved the expenditure of an immense amount of time and effort by my son Ken B. and many others. And, of course, it involved acquisition, maintenance, and replacement of office equipment, supplies, and incidentals. Finally, one of the most expensive—yet productive—aspects was traveling to meetings with scores of AAs, NAs, treatment people, significant people in A.A.’s history, historians, curators, clergy, physicians, and large numbers of Christian recovery leaders, workers, newcomers, and the concerned public—travel which in some cases involved staying a week or more in a given area.

For the past six months, we have worked hard to scale back all the typical past expenses of books, travel, printing, computers, storage, Internet presentations, conferences, and meetings.

In doing so, we have made known to a growing body of churches, clergy, recovery pastors, care pastors, and Christian recovery leaders our plan to continue our work of making the application of time-honored Christian recovery tools available to a host of people and institutions in the recovery arena, including those who want God’s help, and may be receptive to Christian fellowship of the kind manifested in First Century Christianity, the early Akron A.A. Christian fellowship, and in the hearts and minds of hungry recovered, recovering, and new alcoholics and addicts and those with life-controlling problems.

The need exists because of the secularization of our society and our recovery fellowships, programs, and movements. It exists because of the dearth of information today about the effectiveness of Christian recovery organizations, leaders, and societies long before and at the founding of the modern-day Twelve Step and Anonymous groups. And it exists because of the incredible lack of knowledge among those who treat alcoholics and addicts and their families, those who counsel them, those who speak about them, those who lead them, those who sponsor them, and those who serve them. Not to mention the lack of knowledge among those who are new to recovery from the ravages of alcoholism and addiction.

The Plan for the Agape Circle

Several churches have already recognized the modest need and are contributing $50.00 per month each to Dick B. to support the continued research, writing, expansion, counsel, and growth of the application of “old-school” A.A. and its Christian principles and practices in Alcoholics Anonymous, other 12-Step programs, and other recovery work today.

For large cost items, we still invite and do receive tax deductible donations that enable the remaining work. And we still define the needs and invite the gifts.

But for the day-in-day-out work right here on Maui, our dream is to have a circle—an “Agape Circle”—of at least 20 Christian churches or recovery groups and leaders who will graciously provide a monthly stipend payable to Dick B. in amount of $50.00 each month to further work in the Christian Recovery arena.

As stated, several are doing, or are about to do, just that. We believe the amount is reasonable. We have specific plans to live within the Agape Circle contributions. And we will deeply appreciate your becoming part of the Agape Circle with your church or recovery program, or Christian fellowship.

The answer desired?

Yes, Dick. Our group will help your work by sending to Dick B., PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753 a donation of $50.00 per month as our contribution to the Agape Circle.

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Address:  _____________________________________________________________________

Phone and email:  _______________________________________________________________

Amount we will send each month: $  ________________________________________________

For more information, please contact me:

Dick B.

PO Box 837

Kihei, HI 96753-0837


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