Thursday, September 27, 2012

Join Us in Cleveland - AA History Workshops Nov 5 - 8

Join Us in Cleveland!

The International Christian Recovery Coalitions Presents

The Dick B. A.A. History Workshops in Cleveland, Ohio

(Tentative Dates: November 5-8, 2012)


Why should you consider joining Dick B. and Ken B. in Cleveland in November for these A.A. history workshops? How is your success rate in carrying the message to those who still suffer?



How much growth have you been seeing in terms of newcomers that are coming and staying?


The first Cleveland meeting started in June, 1939 [actually, May 11, 1939] at the home of Abby G. and his wife Grace. It was composed of Abby and about a dozen others who had been making the journey to Akron to meet at the Williams home. But Abby’s group presently ran out of space. . . .

These multiplying and bulging meetings continued to run short of home space, and they fanned out into small halls and church basements. . . .

We old-timers in New York and Akron had regarded this fantastic phenomenon with deep misgivings. . . . [T]here in Cleveland we saw about twenty members, not very experienced themselves, suddenly confronted by hundreds of newcomers . . . How could they possibly manage? We did not know.

But a year later we did know; for by then Cleveland had about thirty groups and several hundred members. . . . Yes, Cleveland’s results were of the best. [Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, 21-22—italics in original; bolding added]


What was Cleveland doing? Mitchell K. wrote on page 108 of How It Worked: The Story of Clarence H. Snyder and the Early Days of Alcoholics Anonymous in Cleveland, Ohio:


Two years after the publication of the book [the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous], Clarence made a survey of all the members in Cleveland. He concluded that, by keeping most of the ‘old program,’ including the Four Absolutes and the Bible, ninety-three percent of those surveyed had maintained uninterrupted sobriety. [Emphasis added]


Join us in Cleveland November 5-8, 2012! For details, please call Dick B. at 1-808-874-4876 or Ken B. at 1-808-276-4945; or email us at

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