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The Exciting News today about A.A. History and Christian Recovery

I’m Both Thankful to God and Excited for Our Christian Recovery Friends

After Weeks of Research, Filming, Editing, Organizing and Posting, the 26 Videos of the entire Early A.A. History and Its Applicability Today are Complete!

Dick B.

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Brief Highlights of the Historical Video Project

·         The 26 videos online are the product of my 26 years of experience in Alcoholics Anonymous. These, of course, began with my newcomer years and my intense activity in the fellowship—daily! Next, with sponsoring and working with newcomers. Then with my awakening to the early A.A. biblical roots and original Christian Fellowship program.

Then, in company with my son Ken, with about twenty years of research, travel, interviews, reading, visiting libraries and archives and founding locations. Followed serially by book after book (44 in all as of now) and article after article (over 1000 as of now) in which the facts about Alcoholics Anonymous History and about the impact on it of the Christian Recovery Movement and the roles played by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible in the A.A. recovery story. Finally, our recent two and a half year endeavors in the International Christian Recovery Coalition—meeting with, speaking to, and appearing at, the recovery programs of a multitude of Christian leaders, workers, and newcomers; dozens of those AAs and NAs and affected others; and a host of recovery-oriented physicians, psychologists, counselors, treatment professionals, clergy, recovery pastors, historians, academics, writers, and speakers.

·         For at least the last nine months, our objective has been focused: (1) How do we gather together for publication in guides, audio talks, radio talks, conferences, leadership gatherings, treatment gatherings, and AA and NA groups all the previously lost or ignored materials we found and wrote about. (2) How do we  help those who are recovered, recovering, still sick, and not yet ready to get a firm grip on the facts that proved to early AAs, to many AAs today, and certainly to me, that God can and will and does do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. (3) How do we do this in the setting of present-day resistance, often even to mention of biblical, religious, Christian, and “spiritual” beliefs. (4) Is there a way to train the trainers and make available to those who help and those who suffer the answers to these questions so that individuals, groups, and organizations can really minister to those who still suffer, who are ready to quit for good, and who recognize their need for and who fervently desire God’s help.

·         Now we’ve completed the beginning work. First, for two and a half years, we met with others about, and urged them to learn and apply, Christian recovery ideas from the Book of Acts, from the many Christian organizations of the 19th century, from the successes and program of the A.A. pioneers in Akron and Cleveland. Also to master the A.A. “Conference-approved” literature that proves beyond a doubt that old school A.A. is compatible with and can be applied in recovery programs and treatment efforts today. In other words, God is not in isolation. He is available! His love, power, healing, forgiveness, and guidance cannot be constrained by “Traditions” or supplanted by nonsense gods, or promulgated through misinterpretation and compromise; or by objections based on the erroneous ideas that they are forbidden as “outside issues” or “Conference-approved” limitations. Suffering souls today (who find their way into fellowships, programs, and meetings) have a great need, a very clear desire, and an absolute right, to be or become Christians. To believe in and turn to God. To read and study the Bible, pray together, observe Quiet Times together, read Christian literature together, bring others to Christ together, witness together, and serve both God and those who are sorely seeking His help.

·         The tools are ready. We are excited. And the doors are open. To truth. To accurate history. To all relevant facts. And, for those who want it, to freedom from the dominion of darkness that God brought about when he delivered Christians from it and translated them into the kingdom of His dear Son.

·         These are the tools. These are those we will rapidly present on the Internet, in films, in audios, in meetings, on radio, on TV, in churches, in treatment programs, in fellowships, and in any area where people want to establish a relationship with God, draw near to Him, and obtain His help. Who want to seek and obtain His offer of the new life in Christ, and His assurance to those who believe that they can have everlasting life instead of languishing without God and without  hope in a world where the battle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers of wickedness.

·         They tools are: (1) The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 4th ed., 2012. (2) The Stick with the Winners How to Conduct More Effective 12-Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference- Approved Literature: A Dick B. Guide for Christian Leaders and Workers in the Recovery Arena. (3) Not only the 26 videos now being posted on the Christian Recovery website, but the many free radio programs, audio talks, and other videos posted there already. (4) Participation—at no cost—in the worldwide informal fellowship of Christian leaders, workers, newcomers, and supportive public in the International Christian Recovery Coalition.

·         You may wish to learn more right away and therefore to contact us now in and through the following ways:

1.; Ken B. at 808 276 4945; Dick B. at 808 874 4876


5.      Dick B., PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

·         Our hope for each of you: Whether you attend our May 18-19 Conference at His Place Church, Westminster, California or not, you immediately acquire two of these tools at

the very low prices for downloading them: $9.95 for the “Stick with the Winners” Guide, and $29.95 for downloading all 26 of the videos which complement the Guide

but have immense independent value and utility as well.

Gloria Deo

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